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Time Tested And Well Respected

Established in 1980, Brownstone Mortgage Capital Corporation is one of the most successful mortgage investment companies in the industry. In 2001, Brownstone established the Brownstone Mortgage Fund I LP. The Fund is structured as a limited partnership with Brownstone Mortgage Capital Corporation as the general partner. Currently, the Fund has over $30 million in first mortgages secured by commercial, industrial, and apartment real estate.

It is our mission at Brownstone to provide our investors with a secure investment and an above-market rate of return by lending money secured by income producing commercial real estate. Our first priority is to our investors, consequently our objective is to securely lend money and receive all of it back...with interest. Our goal is to continue our track record–since 1980–of never having our investors lose one cent of principal and always receiving their scheduled monthly payments.


Our Focus

loan origination

Brownstone makes mortgages secured mainly against income producing, commercial real estate. Typically, our loans are focused on supporting a "Main Street America" philosophy. That is to say, Our loans help support business infrastructure that doesn't require huge sums of resources. 

buy loans

Brownstone is a privately held mortgage company, established in 1980. We buy seller carried-back mortgages, secured by commercial real estate. Our attention goes to: motels, restaurants, used car lots, commercial office buildings, commercial retail buildings and more.

mortgage investment

When you invest in mortgages, you become the Bank. In other words, instead of investing in the real estate, you invest in the loan or mortgage which is secured by the real estate. If you want relative safety and security, invest with a mortgage investment company. Invest with us, Brownstone.


Mortgage investing is one of the best investments available. Investing in a mortgage fund can be the safest and securest way to make that investment.
— alex nackoul

Managing Director-CEO of Brownstone
and author of Secrets to Successful Mortgage Investing



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Contact us now for a copy of our eBook "7 Costly Mistakes In Mortgage Investing"

Contact us now for a copy of our eBook
"7 Costly Mistakes In Mortgage Investing"